Unity Minneapolis is Hiring
Youth & Family Ministry Director
Principle Function:
The Youth and Family Ministry Director leads Unity Minneapolis in planning, conducting, and evaluating youth and family programs.

Reports to:
The director is responsible to the Associate Minister, Education.  The director may be either credential (an ordained Unity Minister or Licensed Unity Teacher specializing in Youth and Family Ministry) or non-credential person.

Qualification for the Position:
The Youth and Family Ministry Director will have a passion for working with children, teens and families and will demonstrate experience and qualifications in this area. They will fully embrace Unity teachings and have an ever unfolding and growing vision of Youth and Family Ministry in the 21st century. The Director of Youth and Family Ministry will endeavor to create a safe, loving, fun environment devoted to spiritual exploration and honoring children and adults as unique expressions of God. It is desirable that the Youth and Family Ministry Director have a minimum of college-level training in education or child and family development.

  1. Plan, conduct and evaluate year-round spiritual education programming for nursery through Youth of Unity (Y.O.U.).
  2. Be available on Sundays to oversee all Sunday YFM activities.
  3. Communicate regularly with youth, families, volunteers and staff and build trusting relationships with each group.
  4. Establish and chair the YFM Advisory Team (wording will change if the team is in place before you leave).
  5. Attend weekly staff meetings and meet with Associate Minister, Education at least 2x/month.
  6. Develop and maintain an annual calendar for all youth ministry events and coordinate with church calendar.  
  7. Manage YFM curriculum scheduling, material procurement & set-up.
  8. Coordinate Volunteer recruiting, processing and orientation as well as ongoing training.
  9. Schedule Sunday volunteers using scheduling system and monitor/fill gaps.
  10. Recruit youth to attend regional retreats and process registrations.
  11. Develop and lead June Bridging Ceremonies.
  12. Maintain, or ensure the maintenance of, the roster of youth and families.
  13. Coordinate with Voice & Impact on communications for Sunday programming.
  14. Meet quarterly with youth leaders for planning, assessing Uniteen/YOU programming.
  15. Oversee coordination of two seasonal events: Easter and Christmas.
  16. Provide a monthly report that includes Sunday attendance data, program information and plans.
  17. Oversee incident reporting, as needed.
  18. Have working knowledge of procedures for creating a safe environment for children including how to report incidents of abuse.
  19. Continue ongoing practice of prayer and meditation and commitment to Unity Principles.  
  20. Perform other duties as requested.

Position Specifications:
  1. Part-time position (20 hours per week)
  2. Time requirements: Sunday mornings before and after services required with the remainder of hours scheduled during business hours at least two weekdays per week, including scheduled staff and leadership meetings.
  3. Training: On-the-job and training offered regionally and nationally.  May include site visit to other Unity communities.
  4. Must have an understanding of annual YFM Strategic Planning Initiatives.
  5. Must have an understanding of the strategic plan of the Board of Trustees.

Employee Benefits:
  • Salary is commensurate with education and experience and as agreed upon with the Sr. Minister and as approved by the board.
  • Vacation is aligned with other church employees.
  • PTO as provided by our policy.

Position Qualifications:
  • Must be at least 25 years of age.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to Unity Minneapolis and Unity teachings, prayer and personal spiritual growth established through at least one year’s attendance at church services.
  • Enthusiastic love for children and youth ministry.  Possesses training and at least one year of experience with youth and/or youth education.
  • Team-oriented leadership style compatible with youth and adults.
  • Clear writing and interpersonal skills compatible with youth and adults.
  • Talents of organized thinking and action.
  • Computer proficiency.
  • Commitment to align with Unity Minneapolis vision, mission and core values.
  • Experience supervising adults as employees or volunteers is a plus.

Preferred Qualifications:
  1. B.A. or B. S. in Education or Child and Family Development (or the equivalent)
  2. Certified Spiritual Educator or Licensed Unity Teacher in Youth and Family Ministry.

We give thanks that the right and perfect person is now present and that he/she/they will be a blessing to Unity Minneapolis and will be blessed by Unity Minneapolis.

Interested in applying?
Please email a cover letter and resume to Rev. Toni at revtoni@unityminneapolis.org.