yaduuuSS n ngdfsdfasass    Unity Minneapolis is meeting at Robbinsdale Parkway United Church of Christ at 11:30 AM on Sundays
How We Serve
At Unity Minneapolis, we are here to support you with open hearts and a listening ear.  We understand that life is a journey, filled with moments of challenge, moments of celebration, and everything in between. That's why we're here, ready to walk beside you on your unique path, offering prayer support and a wide variety of ministries designed to nurture your spiritual growth and well-being. We are available for you. Let's walk down the path of life together.
Unity Cares - If you need support or would like your church family to know of some event in your life, call the church at 763-521-4793.   Our Pastoral Care Team is available for you
Healing Ministry - The vision of the Healing Ministry is to facilitate healing by the flow of energy through the power of grace.  Healers host a monthly Healing & Wellness Service. Benefits can include a sense of well-being, connection with Spirit, relief of symptoms, feelings of warmth, tingling, emotions, and gentle relaxation.
Service  Angels - Volunteers are available to help Unity congregants. Call the church at 763-521-4793 to request assistance.   We can assist with grocery shopping, running an errand, or assisting with a household duty.
Prayer Chaplains - The most important thing that Prayer Chaplains do is hold a consciousness of prayer for our community. Prayer chaplains are trained to hold sacred space, listen with the ears of their hearts, pray aloud with anyone who asks for prayer, and hold the prayer requests in the strictest of confidence. They are available before and after every Sunday service.
Prayer Requests - All prayer requests received are lovingly prayed over by a Prayer Angel on our Prayer Ministry for 7 days, then sent to Silent Unity to be prayed with for an additional 30 days. Click here to submit a prayer request.
Daily World Inspiration - Call 763-522-4441 to hear the Daily Word message read aloud each day by our volunteer team.  Daily Word is a publication of Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village.