Starting April 7th 2024, Unity Minneapolis will meet at Robbinsdale Parkway United Church of Christ
I walked through the doors of Unity Minneapolis in 2012 and found my spiritual home. I have been a member of Unity Minneapolis since 2016. I believe some of the qualities I bring include courage, a willingness to learn and grow, discernment, acceptance, accountability (for myself and others), a sense of humor and the ability to play and find the joy in simple things.
I feel called to be part of the Unity Board at this time because there is so much opportunity for growth. I’m excited about the expanded reach of our community. I bring the experience of having served on two non-profit boards of the Minnesota Organization Development Network (4 years) and Awesome Women (5 years). I thoroughly enjoyed being able to contribute my skills and talents as well as working collaboratively with my colleagues to lead and guide the organizations during times of major growth.
I have been attending Unity since 1991. Both of my daughters were spiritually christened here and my spouse, Tori, has taught Yoga here. When I reflect on our Values, I most naturally bring transformation, welcoming, and joy. To really live our vision of a world transformed, we have to act here and now. I love this church, the teachers, the teachings, and the members.
Unity Minneapolis has been my Spiritual home since 2007. As a member of the Board of Trustees, Unity teachings have taken on a deeper meaning for me and being a part of this prayerful group has been a source of tremendous Spiritual growth. I love this Spiritual Community and feel called to serve in a way that us as we work toward our vision of a transformed world. I have enjoyed being a part of the Hospitality Ministry, Unity Cares Ministry and the Garden Ministry. I look forward to continued service.
Ruth Elaine and I became members of Unity in the fall of 2019. For so many reasons, this is the right place for us. I have had the privilege of being a part of the live-stream team and I enjoyed presenting a workshop on Legacy Planning. In a short time my life view has shifted, and I feel called to contribute to the growth of the Unity messages. The music, book discussions, programs and the lessons have enriched my life. I intend to be a careful and inquisitive listener. I hope to grow deeper in Spirit and intend to contribute with guidance of Spirit.
Unity Minneapolis has been my spiritual home since 2008. In my time here, I have taken numerous classes, leadership sessions, and served as a volunteer on numerous teams. Currently, I’m a member of the Facilities Transformation team, working to transform our physical space and technological capabilities. I am happy to to take on board membership at Unity Minneapolis. I will bring a wealth of disability rights advocacy, curiosity, relationship building and communication skills to my role as a board member.
Rev. Pat is committed to supporting individuals in growth as well as transformation through Unity principles. Before coming to Unity Minneapolis, he served as minister to congregations in Kansas City, MO; Evanston, IL; and Cincinnati, OH. He was a board member of the Association of Unity Churches, is past chair of Unity Worldwide Ministries, and is the former chair of Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village.
Sunday Celebration
10:00 AM CT
Weekly Lesson | Meditation | Music

Youth & Family Ministry
10:00 AM CT – Nursery
10:00 AM CT – Young Emerging Spirits
10:00 AM CT – Uniteens & Youth of Unity

Office Hours

Monday: Staff Working Off-Site
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