yaduuuSS n ngdfsdfasass    Unity Minneapolis is meeting at Robbinsdale Parkway United Church of Christ at 11:30 AM on Sundays
Nursery | Age 3 and Under
Youth and Family Ministries
Nursery Program
Then we invite you to bring your infant or toddler (through age three) to our nursery located on the east side of the upper level of our building. The nursery is available during all of our services.

Our dedicated, trained staff lovingly cares for babies & toddlers in a cheerful, toy-filled nursery. We invite toddlers and infants to attend nursery for both their happiness and to offer you parents/guardians a loving respite. Please sign in your child on the clipboard in the nursery upstairs and leave any supplies (diapers, bottles, etc.). If you’d prefer our nursery care attendants change your child’s diaper, be sure to fill out a diaper change consent form before you head downstairs to the sanctuary.
Our Wonderful Nursery Volunteers
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Thank You For Checking Us Out
As a dedicated advocate for nurturing young minds, I understand the challenge to find an educational program that captivates the mind, nurtures play and embraces spiritual values. It can indeed be quite a journey.

And I want you to know that you are not alone in this pursuit. I extend a warm invitation to explore what Unity Minneapolis has to offer. We've created a space where young hearts and curious minds can flourish in an inclusive and spiritually enriching environment. I encourage you to come check us out. We're excited to play a role in your child's journey of growth and exploration.

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