yaduuuSS n ngdfsdfasass    Unity Minneapolis is meeting at Robbinsdale Parkway United Church of Christ at 11:30 AM on Sundays
Emerging Young Spirits | Ages 3 to 5th Grade
Youth and Family Ministries
Young Emerging Spirits Program
Join our Young Emerging Spirits (Y.E.S.) program designed for children aged 3 to 5th grade during our Sunday Services. You'll find our welcoming youth classrooms on the upper level of our building, and we're thrilled to have visitors join us!

In our time together, we form a sacred circle where we begin with heart check-ins, meditation, offering, and sharing of prayer requests. Our youth education programs incorporate curriculum from Unity Worldwide Ministries, along with original lessons crafted by our dedicated youth ministry staff. We engage children in hands-on experiences that tap into multiple intelligences, fostering a deep connection to the Divine within them through activities like play, music, science, games, art, Bible stories, storybooks, affirmations, meditation, and prayer.

How Sunday's Work for Y.E.S. Families:
Our YES program is offered each Sunday morning at 11:30 AM and includes a full ‘Order of Service.  
  • Classrooms Open 10 minutes before the service. 
  • Welcome & Sign-In: Sign-In your child on the clipboard in each classroom. Your child will be welcomed, given a nametag, and assured that you will indeed come back!  
  • Pre-Session:  these quick, fun activities help ease separation anxiety, and allow the children and adult volunteers to check in with each other as they arrive. Pre-session includes writing prayer requests, which are sent to Silent Unity where they are prayed with for 30 days. 
  • Sacred Circle : Sacred Circle is our time to practice mindfulness activities like meditation, breathing, as well as affirmations and love offerings.  
  • Discovery & Creative Expression: We introduce the day’s theme, and delve into a story and discussion, followed by something creative designed to bring the story to life for your child.  Classroom activities include age appropriate songs, story books, videos and/or Bible stories.  Each lesson includes questions and discussion to explore how the story relates to each child’s life and possibilities in their world. Our goals is to provide a variety of activities which relate to the theme and engage multiple intelligences (e.g. nature, movement, science, arts ‘n crafts, etc.).  
  • Music: The last 10 minutes of class is devoted to music. Children learn positive songs and get to move with the Spirit.  
  • Sanctuary and Pick-Up: Y.E.S. join the congregation for the Peace Song at the end of the service and then return to the classrooms for pick up. 
Our Volunteers:
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Thank You For Checking Us Out
As a dedicated advocate for nurturing young minds, I understand the challenge to find an educational program that captivates the mind, nurtures play and embraces spiritual values. It can indeed be quite a journey.

And I want you to know that you are not alone in this pursuit. I extend a warm invitation to explore what Unity Minneapolis has to offer. We've created a space where young hearts and curious minds can flourish in an inclusive and spiritually enriching environment. I encourage you to come check us out. We're excited to play a role in your child's journey of growth and exploration.

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